Administration and Management

Chief Executive Office

Delton York

Delton York is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and president of Kirkland Ministries Inc. As CEO and president, Mr. York is responsible for strategizing, developing, and executing plans to provide long-term care for individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities. Mr. York began his career as a Human Services Specialist in 2003 as a sole proprietorship. After operating as a sole proprietor for approximately 13+ years, Mr. York transitioned to a corporation in mid-June 2016.

In 2003, Mr. York developed and facilitated community care plans to ensure the safety and welfare of underprivileged individuals. As the service population grew, Mr. York began to invest his personal and business reserves to expand his services.

By 2006, Mr. York expanded his service to provide (a) financial aid for living allowances, rent, and groceries; (b) transportation services; (c) utility assistance; and, (d) home care and maintenance. Most importantly, he began acting as an advocate for human rights by collaborating with Community Resource Coordination Groups (CRCG). He developed and facilitated social work, behavioral health care, and therapeutic services.

In 2007, he began operating his own foster home for troubled boys middle to early adolescence. By 2008, he found that he wanted to operate group homes and foster homes on a larger scale. Therefore, he transitioned out of foster care and began to employ himself in studying the dynamics of the group home, foster care, and independent living. He sought to become more knowledgeable; he began reading and networking with other individuals of the same professions.

By latter May 2016, Mr. York was determined to be a social changed agent on local, state, federal, and global level. Therefore, he hired a consultant team of 38 years combined to help him take his sole proprietorship to the next level.

Prior to this assignment, Mr. York had the responsibility of serving his country for 20+ years in the United States Air Force where he discharged various military roles. He received his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business from Upper Iowa University in Fort Riley Kansas and a Master Degree in Human Resource Development from Webster University in St. Louis Missouri. He is currently working on his Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. Alongside his human service work, for the past 27 years, he worked in human resource management and consulting.